# Files

There is available basic ExpressJS server with sample API. It possible to launch it via nodemon api/app.js command in the template root. It cointains all necessary endpoints to test the template.

Note! The API does not provide any database connections.

Blow are listed all available endpoints with descriptions.

# Environment Variables

The template includes .env file which contain important environment variables. Most of platforms like ex. Vercel to configure those variables in the projects setttings.

API_URL - Base URL of API endpoints MAP_API_KEY - GoogleMap API Key PAYPAL_LIVE_MODE - Set to true to run Live PayPal payments (false will use the sandbox) PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID_SANDBOX - PayPal Sandbox Client ID PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID_LIVE - PayPal Live Client ID DEMO_MODE - Set to true to turn on demo mode (ex. adds theme customizer)

# Assets

This directory contains un-compiled SCSS assets. Those are basic template styles and Bootstrap 4 overrides.

Directory: ./assets/

# Components

This directory contains all VueJS Components.

Directory: ./components/

# Layouts

This directory applications layouts (more).

  • default.vue - Default application template
  • simple.vue - Simple application only with a route view
  • error.vue - Default error template

Directory: ./layout/

# Middleware

This directory contains your application middleware (more).

# Mixins

This directory contains application mixins (more).

# Pages

This directory contains all application pages and routes (more).

# Plugins

This directory contains Javascript plugins that you want to run before mounting the root Vue.js application (more).

# Static

This directory contains all static assets (more).

# Store

The template is based of Vuex Store. It is divided on well-commented modules which manage all necessary data (more).

Directory: ./store/

# Shell

Stores and manages visual states of the template.

File: shell.js

# Settings

Stores basic settings of the template.

File: settings.js

# Theme

Stores all template settings.

File: theme.js

Stores and manages menu itemsm, categories and offers.

File: menu.js

# Cart

Stores and manages cart and checkout state.

File: cart.js