# Configuration

The template contains lots of useful features and configurations.

# Cart & Checkout

It is possible to add some configurations to the shopping cart / checkout mechanism...

# Currency

To set the currency it is necessary to add a global shortcut (ex. USD) and symbol (ex. $).

# Minimum Cart Value

It's a minimal cart value without delivery costs to proceed an order.

# Delivery Areas

It is possible to add unlimited delivery ares with different shipping costs.

# Delivery Times

The template allows to add delivery time options to choose by the client.

# Offers

Offers are objects which can modify the cart while their conditions are fulfilled.

There are two types off offers:

  1. Discount - adds a discunt to the cart
  2. Free Product - adds free product to the cart

Each offers has to contain a conditions to fulfill. There are three types of conditions:

  1. Day - index of a day when the offers is active.
  2. Minimum Order Value - minimum value of and order to active an offer.
  3. Category ID - id of category which product has to be added to the cart.

When all conditions are active the special offer result appear in the cart.